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Wingman- Seamless Migration to AWS
Before engaging with, Wingman’s software stack was hosted on a popular public cloud. Wingman was looking to consolidate their Infrastructure on AWS. Migrating from one public cloud to another is never easy or straightforward. Wingman also faced some serious challenges on their AWS migration journey...
Fraud Detection in online lending using Amazon SageMaker
A powerful Machine Learning-based model enabled this company to implement an automated anomaly detection and fraud prevention mechanism that cut online Payment frauds by 27%
AWS Migration
eLaw rolls out Remote Working without any major investment
For eLaw, remote working and BYOD raised many security risks:unprotected devices, inadvertent data leaks, insecure applications &loss of managerial control.
Rollout a Robust Infrastructure to Scale Financial Services Operation
For better business continuity, Avail Finance was looking for a resilient system capable of auto-healing. They were in need of cloud-enabled best practices for...
Meeting RBI Financial Services Compliance on AWS
Following the AWS regulatory standards, Slice wanted to comply with the RBI guidelines to run its financial services across the country. In addition to several other requirements...
Release workflow automation with AWS CI/ CD ToolsType a message
Active digital roadmap requires complete automation. This not only increases the release velocity, but this also ensures high quality of software delivery.
Implement operational excellence to continually improve the 24x7 operation.
Juspay is metamorphosing the Indian banking industry with secure, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective digital payment solutions.
AWS DevOps
Enablement of a push button deployment
Capital Float manages the release for 50+ applications and 100+ micro-services running 24/7. To avoid downtime and ensure quality releases, the company needed to execute...
Run and automate release pipeline to reduce service disruption
At Hubble Connected, there are numerous deployment types performed daily, including, development, production, and staging.
Solution that can generate 100s of millions of IoT events every month.
RD is building a vehicle tracking system for Indian market. They need a solution that can scale to 100s of thousand devices in very short amount of time.
Drastic drop in payment dispute resolution time by automating log storage and retrieval.
Every month, Juspay processes close to 4 million credit card and phone payment transactions for dozens of clients.

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