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Accelerate innovation, compliance and transformation by leveraging the cloud

Managed Compliance

The compliance and security requirement for running Financial Services workload in a public cloud requires a very proactive management of the cloud. We combine human and technical intelligence in creating and maintaining a holistic view of your applications 24 X 7.
Compliance Mangement
We use latest cloud native security tools to define, measure and manage your security and compliance related controls 24X7.
24 X 7 Managed Services
We optimize your cloud through our continuous improvement framework to improve security, availability and reliability on a continuous basis.
We enable data and software releases to ensure auto failover to alternate AWS Region or Availability Zone in the event of catastrophe.

Transactional Log Management and Archival System

Financial institutions and payment processors generates 100s of millions of transactional logs every day, which in turn can consume petabytes of data. We have built a highly secure and cost effective vaults to manage billions of events.

Cost Effective

Logs are zipped and directly sent to highly cost effective AWS Glacier. This not only save storage cost, but this reduces API cost by 99%

Centralized Log Catalog

A near real time indexed catalog helps to quickly locate the log file in the archival system.

Highly Secure

Data encryption, role based short duration access makes the log management system highly secure.
AWS Log Management
AWS Data lake

Data Lake Formation and Management

We deploy data lake at scale to consolidate data from all source, be in structured or unstructured data. The data is consolidated in AWS S3, which in not only cheap but this also provides very high availability of data.

Highly Scalable

The data lake solution on AWS provides capability to scale in terms of business requirement and volume.

Works across different analytical solution

Isolates data from analytics. The same data can be used by different analytical tools – BigData, BI, ML etc.

Enterprise Class Security

Ensures that user or system have the access to the data that they need. Policies to define comprehensive data access management.  

Credit Profiling and Fraud Management

We help financial services companies to reduce fraud via an automated “anomaly detection and fraud prevention mechanism” that would work during applicant credit profiling. This not only reduces fraud but cuts the application profiling timeline by a great extent.

Quick, scalable deployment

Heavy lifts the complexity of setting up Machine Learning infrastructure which is highly cumbersome. This can easily scale with the business.

Self Learning Models

Self learning model can easily adjust to the changing dynamics of the data. This gives the ability to scale the model with the changing business requirement.

Real-time Feedback

Realtime feedback helps business to dynamically adjust the application process. This reduces the credit profiling time upto 70%.
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The advantage

Future-proof your organization

Modernize your IT infrastructure by amplifying the power of the cloud. The future is Cloud. The future is Axcess!

Convert challenges into opportunities

Our innovators bring deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to resolve your enterprise-wide complex challenges.

Guaranteed security

Sophisticated security controls and information governance protect your data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud – today, tomorrow and always.

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