AWS Lambda CICD Kit

AWS Lambda has created a storm when launch Lambda in Nov 2014. This is a completely different infra paradigm where you can run your code severless. This solution is to automate your software delivery to your serverless functions.

We configured AWS devops solution using AWS CodePIpeline, CodeCommit, CodeBild, and CodeDeploy to deliver the software releases in a very automated fashion. We configured AWS pipeline to trigger activities based on the workflow configured.

Deployment Workflow

Customer creates the backlog story in JIRA.
The developers commit software changes in the AWS CodeCommit.
Any commit generates AWS CloudWatch logs, which in turn generates AWS notifications. There are different topics configured for different repositories.
Respective code pipeline is activated, which in turn triggers the build followed by automated tests. The CodeBuild creates the build artifact and pushes to AWS S3.
On successful execution of the automated test, the code deployed in AWS Lambda.
Customer is notified on successful deployment.

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