CION 1.0 – AWS Stack Management

With our Managed Cloud platform, businesses can launch and manage stacks and apply management and governance as per corporate policies. Developer can launch a development and test setup without admin’s assistance, and businesses can follow the compliance norms and cost governance around it.
Account Management
Provides ability to create accounts and give roles based access to create and manage stacks.
Stack Management
Manages stacks using AWS CloudFormation. Ability to integrate the build and release processes to AWS and other CI / CD tools.
Integrated Dashboard
Gives a 360 degree view to all stacks. Monitors systems vitals and service health. Raises notification in case of an exception.

Robust and Scalable

A complex infrastructure deserves a robust managed services solution. offers all managed service too backed by an Integrated Dashboard to simplify your cloud management. Also With our ISO 27000-2013 certified 24 X 7 NOC, you know that your infrastructure is always secure.

The advantage

AWS Consulting Partner

Future-proof your organization

Modernize your IT infrastructure by amplifying the power of the cloud. The future is Cloud. The future is Axcess!
AWS Consulting Partner

Convert challenges into opportunities

Our innovators bring deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to resolve your enterprise-wide complex challenges.
AWS Consulting Partner

Guaranteed security

Sophisticated security controls and information governance protect your data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud – today, tomorrow and always.

What our customers are saying

I work in Enterprise Infrastructure and can confidently say Prakash and his team are very knowledgeable, easy to work with, great communicator and could get a job done in any Tier 1 organisation.
Joe Creco, CEO - Fishranger
We found lifting our Oracle system to aws needed creative thinking and thorough knowledge of the all aspects of aws. Axcess has been working to efficiently get the process off and running and rolling with issues as they came up. The prompt responses and clear communication is a definite plus.
Nick S, IT Head, Thoroughbred Fulfillment
Axcess’ understanding of the public cloud is valuable for anyone migrating their complex systems to cloud. They are highly recommended for their cloud expertise and for resolving technical challenges beyond the stated scope of work.
Arun Sevakule, CTO, Novopay
I highly recommend the Axcess Team. They are highly skilled in AWS, they were available to help immediately, and we had excellent communications.
Cathy Clarke, Founder - Videokits

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