Digital Media Kit – Automated Media Transcoding Pipeline

We help Pharma & Life Sciences organizations collate, retrieve and analyze mission-critical information quickly and accurately. Our world-class solutions enable them to design their future-focused cloud strategy, move their heterogeneous data into secure data lakes, and manage their regulatory and compliance needs.

The need for more innovative and cost-effective lifesaving or life-enhancing products is on the rise. Along with this, regulators and governments, healthcare providers and even patients are demanding more transparent processes and information (reports, proofs, trails, justifications, etc) that can effectively communicate these organizations’ value propositions. Although this may sound straightforward, it’s not – not only due to huge data volumes but also because this data is often heterogeneous, unstructured and extremely difficult to manage on a routine basis. This makes hard to gain insights from it.

Our services are designed to empower organizations; to streamline their operations, improve their performance, and prepare for cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We offer customized yet reasonably-priced services in 4 broad areas: ‘Creation and Optimization of Data Lakes’, ‘Cloud Migration/Optimization’, ‘Managed SRE’, and ‘IT Risk and Compliance Advisory’.


The system must be triggered when a new file is dropped in predefined S3 Bucket.
Files must be copied and transferred to a separate bucket using customer specific naming conventions. With transcoding completed, the original file must be automatically archived.
Files generated must use HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and generate a range of output sizes, all while maintaining specific segment durations for each clip.

What we did

Developed event-driven solution that is automatically triggered by specific user actions.
Used AWS Lambda functions to achieve the automation required for transcoding, the generation of expected output formats and the deletion of the original file.
Created signed url that could be used by viewers to stream video.

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I work in Enterprise Infrastructure and can confidently say Prakash and his team are very knowledgeable, easy to work with, great communicator and could get a job done in any Tier 1 organisation.
Joe Creco, CEO - Fishranger
We found lifting our Oracle system to aws needed creative thinking and thorough knowledge of the all aspects of aws. Axcess has been working to efficiently get the process off and running and rolling with issues as they came up. The prompt responses and clear communication is a definite plus.
Nick S, IT Head, Thoroughbred Fulfillment
Axcess’ understanding of the public cloud is valuable for anyone migrating their complex systems to cloud. They are highly recommended for their cloud expertise and for resolving technical challenges beyond the stated scope of work.
Arun Sevakule, CTO, Novopay
I highly recommend the Axcess Team. They are highly skilled in AWS, they were available to help immediately, and we had excellent communications.
Cathy Clarke, Founder - Videokits

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