Data Solutions and ML Apps Modernization with AWS

Engineering data to build actionable business intelligence or insights by analytics, and to operate ML in AWS

Your organization creates, processes and stores vast amounts of data. This data is used to understand customer needs, innovate and evolve efficiently, and elevate your business results and competitiveness.

Leverage data for Intelligence  and actionable insights to transform business

Are you looking to make better, more predictions? Streamline decision-making and make it more data-driven and less intuitive or “by the gut”? Take proactive action to match new market trends or evolving customer demands? With informative, timely and contextual data, you can do all this and more.

Machine Learning, data lakes and predictive analytics are useful for any organization in any industry, and we can help you leverage these technologies to help you automate, innovate, grow and succeed – with data. Our data experts bring deep expertise of the latest technologies to help you tap into unprecedented intelligence  to drive powerful outcomes, innovation, and business results.

Whether you’re looking to engineer big data processing, build data lakes, make accurate forecasts, or set up Machine Learning operations, the data experts at will leverage proven cloud models to accelerate your data-driven success journey. Contact today to better understand data engineering capabilities, intelligence and analytics solutions, and how Machine Learning operations can empower your organization to accelerate innovation,  scale up growth, and achieve enduring success.
Data Lake Formation and Management: Design, Build, Assess, Optimize
AWS Consulting Partner
Set up data lakes, data lakehouses, data marts and data warehouses
AWS Consulting Partner
Create data pipelines, and improve your existing data architecture
AWS Consulting Partner
Develop data ingestion jobs or establish an ETL process
AWS Consulting Partner
Get started with powerful Business Intelligence and visualization tools like Amazon QuickSight, Tableau, and Power BI
Forecasting and Prediction with Accurate Data Models
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Make accurate, data-driven forecasts  for a range of use cases
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Contextual and intelligent data models built on powerful historical data
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Make predictions to achieve operational scalability, optimize inventory,  enhance customer experiences, and improve capital or resource utilization
Machine Learning Operations for Data-driven Business Intelligence
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Trained, up-to-date data models deliver timely, contextual intelligence
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Latest parameters and hyper-parameters to maintain model efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility
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Develop a CI/CD pipeline to train and update your models
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Automate QA processes and parameter validation
What we offer

Drive actionable intelligence from your data

Upgrade Data Pipelines and Architectures
QA your data, simplify data orchestration, and optimize data architectures, processes, and pipelines.
Leverage Data to Make Better Decisions
Make full use of available data to understand the current landscape and make more informed decisions for any initiative.
Keep Data Models Up-to-date
ML operations and CI/CD pipelines to keep your models up-to-date and continually useful for business decision-making.

The world’s leading firms trust us

Dozens of organizations in many industries rely on us to plan and execute their end to end AWS cloud migration project. With and AWS, they realize cloud-powered digital transformation, operational efficiency and resilience. We walk the talk and our client list is a proof!.

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