Managed IOT

Ready-to-deploy, customizable, cost-saving

Deploying a high-performance IoT solution often involves custom-building basic and common tasks – a time-consuming and costly endeavor.

With the IoT Monetization Platform from, IoT product companies can deploy their solution quickly and with minimal effort.

This ready-to-deploy platform is fully customizable for your specific goals. Leverage its pre-built modules and tools to easily manage and monetize every aspect of your IoT solution, including devices, customers, and data. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with third-party solutions (CRM, ERP, Billing, etc.) so you can deliver even more value with your IoT solution.

Focus on your core competencies, lower your costs and boost your time-to-market. With the IoT Monetization Platform, you have everything you need to get the competitive edge in a fast-growing IoT market.
What we offer Managed IOT Services

Consumer Electronics
An electronics appliance fitted with smart connect diagnostic module will inform service centres about the appliance health
Sensor Connectivity
Multiple sensors used for temperature, humidity, water quality, gas, motion detection, image etc. could have a single window view to give a holistic picture.
Logistics management
Connected container/truck could understand its maintenance needs while pallets with connected module could provide its where-about details.

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